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Angie Who's "Littlefolk" album is parent-friendly kids folk music. Purchase the album by Sydney based vocalist, mum and wife online now.



Check ‘Sing-a-Song’ the podcast on Kinderling Kids Radio,
a great way to bond with bub!

The Wimben Lumben & the Sausage - Audio Story

An Audio Story written by Angie Who, with details provided by a 4 year old,
recorded by Kinderling Kids Radio. Listen below!


'Travelling Band' Music Video

"The chorus to Travelling Band tumbled out of my head one day on the way home from the park when my boy was very little, I had been there with a friend and we were chatting about Motherhood and Creativity and Day Jobs and trying to make it all work."




A parent friendly kids folk album. The goal here was to create an album of folky vibed songs, that big and little people could enjoy together.

A tool for parents and all kinds of bigs and littles, a bonding agent…like a strong sticky glue. Music that evokes good feelings and happy hearts and wont drive the bigs bonkers if it accidentally gets stuck in the CD player.

Please enjoy while driving, dancing in the kitchen, bathing the littles or whatever you deem safe/necessary/applicable/something.

Angie really would love to hear what you and the little peeps think.