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Angie Who's "Littlefolk" album is parent-friendly kids folk music. Purchase the album by Sydney based vocalist, mum and wife online now.

Why The Kids Music?


Why The Kids Music?

Hilary Thackway

I never ever in a million years imagined myself doing music that appealed to children.
Not ever. I grew up singing in church, I recorded an album when I was 22, I’ve sung at weddings, sung BV’s for some pretty great songwriters & friends. I used to (actually I still do) imagine being called up to the stage at big concerts to sing with the star of the show and thought one day I’d get my big break.

I think I came close to a ‘break’ when I was living in London, but decided I didn't want to sing about taking drugs, which I think was disappointing to the person who had been working hard to get himself back on the scene (he discovered me when I was temping on a reception desk for an entertainment accounting firm or some such). It was a weird experience actually, I was just a product, nobody was asking what I thought, they were just talking to each other about who I’d be teamed with and what I’d be singing…anyway, no regrets, I made the right call. Trust your gut!

After London I moved to Sydney and joined a band called ‘The Smoking Muskets’ (I think you can still find us on Myspace - it was that long ago)…we were doing the Alt Country thing on the Sydney scene. Since then Sydney has lost a few of my favourite venues (bring back the Hoey!) and I went and married the drummer, or, he went and married me, either way, we’re still here!

After the Muskets, Hubs and I both did some stuff with the fab Lacey Cole…then we had a baby. And those babies can really turn a world upside down no?! No more music for me. I tried a few late night gigs…but one night I had to jump off stage halfway through a set, because breastfeeding…and another time I had to leave immediately and blanked all my adoring fans as I ran right past them to the car (that’s how I remember it anyway)…we decided I’d have to hang up my boots for a while, I always wore cowboy boots.

So baby arrives and I couldn't find much of what I wanted to listen to with her. I wanted to sing little songs to her. My mind really threw back to my own childhood and the songs mum sang to us, or me, my sisters don't remember that much. I was the first child.

So I imagined doing an album with all those old tunes mum had taught me, only to discover Elizabeth Mitchell had already done it and also, it was hard to get a grant if you weren't being original. (We're both musicians).

In the wackiness of sleep deprivation, which I tried to embrace, I discovered new corners in my brain, I was up a LOT you see (silent reflux) and songs started to come forth.
It took me 4 years to complete what we now know as 'Littlefolk'. My dad passed away during that time, Clementine was 2. He had made some not so great choices and didn't have much to leave behind. There was a death benefit on a super account that we found. By the time it was taxed and divided up, I had been left with around $4000. I earmarked that money to fund my little dream, hoping for many outcomes. 
That the little he left could be used for something good. 
That we could help other new parents and families bond through the beauty of music.
That Littlefolk would be a seed, that would lead to more creative opportunities. It’s a slow process, even so, we’re moving forward.
So, thanks Dad.