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Angie Who's "Littlefolk" album is parent-friendly kids folk music. Purchase the album by Sydney based vocalist, mum and wife online now.



Angie Who

Angie Who is the wife of one, the mother of two.

An ex traveller, ex gym go-er, ex regular pedicure recipient.

She survives on the love of coffee…her family and but for the grace of God.

She has moles on her face (as her daughter might point out and has documented at the pre school drawing table) but she’s ok with that…or she was until said daughter made it a thing.

She likes to sing. And the people seem to like her doing that. So she tries to do it when she can.

She’s not completely normal, but says this helps her with the mothering and the incessant lack of sleep, it has also helped her to make up a bunch of kids songs which she has now recorded and hopes you will enjoy with your littlest people.



Littlefolk would not have been born without the likes of these incredibles:

Maggie Mackenzie

Steph Tsai

Mark Coleman

Miles Stepniewski

And a big thanks to YOU for visiting Angie Who online and supporting the new album.

As a Thank You, there's a free colouring page for both big and little kids to download and enjoy.